Thank you Gary for these kind words, it was such a pleasure and a challenge to work on these damaged but precious old photos and I as well as Gary was extremely pleased with the result, the revitalized printed portraits were distributed amongst his family to be treasured for years to come.

I took three pictures to Jenny at Picture Fixer; two were ‘traditional’ wedding photos taken in the 1920s, the third was a photo of my late wife that was taken in the early 1950s. All were in extremely bad shape; they’d not been cared for and there was a lot of damage. Jenny took a lot of time and trouble to achieve what I will say is an wonderful result. I’m happy to recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to know. And I’m happy to show the ‘before and after’ to anyone who’d like to see them, Gary Mead

Old vintage photo with extreme damage & Restored wedding photo

Damaged old wedding photo before restoration & The same wedding photo after restoration

Photograph prints