I am so often asked if I can sharpen a blurry photo, whether digital or printed, and I always used to sadly answer no, apart from some enhancement which is possible in Photoshop such as correcting contrast, bringing out detail in shadows and enhancing edges.

Now, with the exciting development of many programmes and apps using ai technology it may be possible to sharpen a blurry or out-of-focus photo – sometimes with only limited success as the results can be creepy and unnatural but sometimes the results are incredible. I am so happy to be able to add these new capabilities to my toolkit!

Please see the example below of a photo I restored back in 2007 – at the time the first photo on the left was the best result possible from the small blurry original photo, but now the second enhanced photo on the right is a very pleasing portrait of a beautiful lady.

restored photo sharpen blurry photo

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