Making things better with photo manipulation…

Picture Fixer excels in finding creative ways to improve and enhancing a photograph, we can do amazing things with the skilled and specialized techniques at our disposal. Maybe you would like the background replaced, a person or object extracted or added, eyes opened or a head swapped! We can colourize black and white photographs and do photo enlargements too. Distance is no barrier, just email a scanned photo and we can do the rest. A service that I am often asked for is to create a beautiful portrait from a snapshot for the funeral or memorial service of a loved one, I have also created many portraits for headstones. I can also arrange picture framing if desired. Picture Fixer will create an original custom portrait or artwork to the clients complete satisfaction.

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Please check out the images below to see the difference between the original and the finished work.

Wedding Photo Before ManipulationWedding Photo after Manipulation

Retouch and Manipulate

This beautiful vintage wedding photo has been subtly enhanced and colour-corrected to emphasize the bride and groom, also correcting eye colour to be more true-to-life.

Old Black and White PhotoFinished Colourised Photo


Another gorgeous but damaged old black and white wedding photo, this one was restored and contrast-corrected, then “digitally painted” – giving a lifelike colour treatment.

Old Snapshot Before ManipulationFinished Portrait After Manipulation and Enhancement

Enhance, enlarge and change background

This photo has been carefully retouched enhanced and enlarged, creating a family portrait to treasure. I often retouch and enhance photos in this way to create beautiful memorial portraits for a loved one who has passed away, for use in a funeral or for a headstone. Any background can be used.

Photo Portrait

Remove elements, create new portrait

Careful removal of the bride and groom from this old wedding photocreates a wonderful portrait of the parents

Creating an imaginative portrait out of two photographs

A wonderful idea from a client, combining an old photo and current photo to create a new portrait celebrating a friendship that has lasted a lifetime.