I was very pleased to assist Margaret with her custom photo collage picture frame recently, she had 21 old and new family photos that she wanted to display in a purchased photo frame.


We decided that they should all be black and white so I scanned them all at a reasonably high resolution, performed minor photo enhancements and photo repair, restored the three old damaged photos that needed more work, converted all the restored and enhanced photos to true black and white, enlarged and cropped them to size then arranged professional prints. I then carefully put the photo prints in the frame. Happy to say that Margaret was pleased with the finished photo collage!


Thank you Jenny for my “composite” photos and frame. I am delighted with the final result. You certainly added an artistic touch which I could not have achieved.
With my appreciation,

For your own custom professionally designed Photo Collage please contact me, a Photo Collage makes a unique and special gift which is sure to please!

Composite Collage Photo Frame

Custom Photo Collage Frame