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Photograph Restoration and Retouching - Bring your precious old photos back to life!

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We will carefully capture a digital image of your damaged old photo or faded torn historical document either by a high quality, high resolution scan or digital photograph. Then we work on the digital image in Photoshop, using many different specialized and skilled techniques and the latest equipment to painstakingly repair remove and heal any spots, stains or rips which are very common in old and damaged photos. Sometimes photos have crease marks or faded areas, or the colour is wrong, photos can also have mould and mildew damage.

Watch us at work!

Please roll your mouse over the images below to see the restored pictures.

Restored photo 5th Light Horseman

Sepia photo restoration

A wonderful historical photo of a young 5th Light Horse Trooper. Fairly major work was involved in restoring this damaged old photo, healing and filling in the missing areas and correcting and equalizing the contrast.

Restored old photo

Black and white photo restoration

A beautiful black and white portrait photo of a young woman healed of all damage from creases and tears, and carefully enhanced and contrast-corrected

Old colour photo converted to black and white

Old faded colour photo converted to black and white

This precious family photo had been in a frame for years and the colour had faded beyond recovery. In this instance a good option was to convert to black and white and correct the contrast preserving this treasured family portrait for years to come.

Restored historical document

Restored historical document

Something completely different, this gorgeous old document from WWI was very faded and stained, a high resolution scan and some careful correction of colour and cleaning of spots, not to mention digital calligraphy over the more faded areas brought it back to life.

Restored Photographic Negative

Restored photographic negative

Very good results can be obtained even from an old negative with fungus and mould damage, the negative is scanned and then the digital image is painstakingly healed and colour corrected. This can take a considerable amount of time and artistic judgement, depending on the extent of the damage.


Distance is no barrier we are happy to work from a good-quality digital scan, please read my article here for step by step instructions on scanning photographs to give the best results for photo restoration. Please do not reduce the size of the image when emailing, original size is best. If very large, Dropbox is a convenient method of sharing large files.

Picture Fixer can help with most damaged photos, and will give you honest advice if the photo is beyond repair. Our primary concern is that your old and damaged photo is restored to its former glory, we can make your old photos look as good as new!

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We can also help if you need photo manipulation, perhaps you want to remove something from a photo, colourize a black and white photo, change the background, even add someone in from another photo, open eyes, do a head swap, change a colour, check out some examples on my Photo Manipulation page here or just ring 0402 457 462 to find out how Picture Fixer can help you!

R Richardson

Many Thanks Jen for your enthusiasm towards this project. We are very happy with final results, the updates along the way of how it was progressing were enjoyable too. It was worth the travel from Victoria.

J Moy

Jenny, thank you. Everything went beautifully on Thursday. Everyone said Mum would have been very happy with the photos and the service. Thank you so much for your help and prompt service. Cheers

W James

Hi Jen, Thank you for the wonderful restoration of the photos. My mum and dad loved them and they now have pride of place on their wall.