Restoration Process Stage by Stage, First Stage; Scanning and Stitching

This portrait of a beautiful lady has been such a pleasure to work on and with the client’s very kind permission I would like to share in brief the stages of the digital restoration process.
When I received the portrait it was rather dusty and in its original frame, so I very carefully took it out of the frame and cleaned it with a soft brush. It was buckled but not a great deal, so was able to be scanned by my flatbed scanner. The portrait was large, 30cm x 38cm and I scanned it in two pieces with a resolution of 360dpi as the client did not require the portrait enlarged to a great degree.
You will see that the two pieces are different in tone, this is no problem as they can be equalized later in the restoration stage.
I then created a file the desired size and resolution in Photoshop, dropped my two halves in and very carefully aligned and blended them so that they appear to be one image. There is still a difference in tone but I will address this later.
Stay tuned for the Second Stage in my next post, healing of all the damaged areas, of which there are quite a few!