collage picture frame
I was very pleased to assist Margaret with her photo frame recently, she had 21 old and new family photos that she wanted to display in a purchased picture frame. We decided that they should all be black and white so I scanned them all, performed minor photo enhancements, restored […]

Composite Photo Frame completed for Margaret

damaged old photo
Thank you Gary for these kind words, it was such a pleasure and a challenge to work on these damaged but precious old photos and I as well as Gary was extremely pleased with the result, the revitalized printed portraits were distributed amongst his family to be treasured for years […]

Testimonial – Gary Mead

old photo with damaged areas completely healed
Healing and reconstructing damaged areas of a photo is actually my favourite part of the photograph restoration process as it gives me such a feeling of achievement when comparing the result to the often almost hopeless looking original. This portrait has been particularly rewarding. Here I have started on the […]

Restoration Process, Second Stage; Healing and Reconstructing

flatbed scanner
Gently wipe your photo clean of any dust or particles with a soft clean dry microfibre cloth or a soft clean brush. Make sure your scanner glass is clean; smudges or fingerprints can be removed by spraying a little mild non-ammonia household cleaner on to a cloth and wiping the […]

Step by Step Instructions on Scanning Photographs for best results ...